The Children’s Choir of the City of Lodz is made up of very musically talented children and teenagers aged 6 to 17. The originator, founder and guardian of the ensemble is prof. Waldemar Sutryk – conductor, composer, choirmaster, pedagogue and arranger. Vocal supervision is provided by a long-time singing pedagogue and head of the Vocal Section of the Music School Complex in Lodz, Barbara Urzędowicz. The Choir’s manager is Elżbieta Zygowska. 

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We do not hide, singing in the choir is hard work for a young artist. Together we spend hours learning, practicing, repeating, and having a great time together at the same time. First stage adventures, concert trips, first successes, but also stumbles. The choir is a place where the experience of older colleagues allows us to safely taste musical adventures also on the boards of renowned cultural institutions and acquire new skills.


Choral classes are not just about singing together. Children individually learn voice emission under the expert guidance of our educators. Additional solfège classes are also held regularly, that is, children acquire the ability to read notes and develop the ability and skills of aural analysis of music.


Singing together is not only demanding work, but also great fun! The children strengthen their relationships while playing together in our "playroom", and during concert trips they integrate wonderfully. The icing on the cake are annual summer camp trips to attractive destinations, where they also polish their vocal skills.


The children spend a lot of time with each other, both during rehearsals and on concert tours. As a result, they are very close-knit and care about each other. Our choral "elders" take care of and support the younger children. On the basis of the relationships built, friendships of many years are often born. We try to make our headquarters conducive to the integration of the choral family.

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We support children in the broad development of musical talents. We care about the high quality of relationships. We broaden children's horizons and develop sensitivity to beauty. We open the doors of children to the world of harmony.

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