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Children's Choir of the City of Lodz

The originators and founders of the ensemble are Anita Vranjes and Waldemar Sutryk – conductor, composer, choirmaster, pedagogue and organist. Vocal care is supervised by Barbara Urzędowicz. The choir’s current manager is Elżbieta Zygowska. 

Waldemar Sutryk


The Children’s Choir of the City of Lodz was established in September 2015 and has since given concerts in Poland and abroad. The children have participated in numerous concerts, and their artistic achievements include participation in Hans Krasa’s children’s opera “Brundibar.” This was the Polish premiere with a full cast of children. The choir represented Poland and the Lodz region at the Polish Culture Festival in Luxembourg, sang in Berlin, Nuremberg and Gossweinstein (Germany), and also performed in Belgium and the Czech Republic. The children have already recorded their first music videos and are in the process of recording more. They have a CD of carols from the annual Christmas carol concert at the Musical Theater and are in the process of recording a CD in Hebrew and Yiddish. In addition to choir classes, the children take additional classes (such as a several-month course at the “Toastamaster’s International Youth Club” mastering the art of speaking in front of larger groups, as well as positive criticism and stress management skills), and they can also take acting or stage movement classes.

” Music is a stenography of feelings – Lew Tołstoj

The Children’s Choir of the City of Lodz sings in 16 languages a cappella with a division of 4-7 voices in original arrangements. The ensemble has a rich repertoire. It specializes in songs of four cultures (representing the 4 cultures that lived in Lodz before the war) and in its own songs about our city and its history. A large part of the repertoire consists of Hebrew and Yiddish songs sung mainly a cappella. Another important part of the repertoire is patriotic, classical, folk and sacred songs. There is also no shortage of entertainment and carols and pastorals from various parts of the world. The choir operates as an independent association. The Children’s Choir of the City of Lodz is under the honorary patronage of the Mayor of Lodz, Hanna Zdanowska.


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