Choral classes

How we work

We meet twice a week. Each rehearsal begins with a short sing-along, especially important in colder weather. This is followed by three approximately 45-minute parts, separated by breaks. During this time, parents prepare refreshments, which not only play an important integrating role, but also allow the children to gain strength after school hardships.

“Music is a greater revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.
– Ludwig van Beethoven

Thursday and Friday rehearsals (16:00-19:00) are for voice exercises for the sopranos and the four alto groups, and on Saturdays (12:00-15:00) we polish the whole thing; after all, we sing for many voices. Usually for 4-5, but sometimes more, up to… 10!

On Saturdays at 11 a.m., those who are willing can come free of charge for solfège lessons (singing notes with voice, but without lyrics, only with the names of the sounds). This is a very useful part of our musical education, and practice shows that children can cope with the new language after just a few months. Professional sheet music helps, as well as MP3 files with the voices of selected songs. Everyone downloads a part of their voice and now all you have to do is “play” and follow the recording with the notes in front of your eyes. It goes into your head all by itself.

For those who are willing, we offer acting classes. Under the professional guidance of a trainer, we familiarize children with the challenges of the stage.

At the beginning of each week, a packet of songs for upcoming rehearsals is sent in the mail. Besides, at any time you can download sheet music or MP3 files from our library on the website.


Choristers immerse themselves in the world of musical nuances in a very accessible and comfortable way, in particular:

What sets us apart